Inspiring you on the journey of faith!

I do always appreciate your sharing your short, fact biblically- based responses to articles or stories you may have heard yourself or seen about; then you share the reality of concerns. It’s like you're the voice of/from others, so thank you .

Yolanda Collier

Outstanding! Thank you for so eloquently articulating the sentiments of so many.

Brenda VonJoe

I attended Jeaninne's seminar: How to Write and Publish for the Christian Marketplace. Jeaninne gave tips on choosing to self-publish or getting a publisher. A list of people/groups that does editing were provided. Included also was upcoming events for writers. The seminar was very helpful to me. It was presented well and very informative.  

Doris Langston

Jane Doe - Another Company, LLC

Jeaninne, thank you so much for a great presentation that was both inspiring and motivational. I loved the creativity of linking the story of Moses with our writing experiences. It was awesome. 

 Catherine Tucker, President, Dallas Area Writers Guild (DAWG)

Jane Doe - Another Company, LLC