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Writing through your pain

Posted on June 11, 2019 at 10:55 AM

I'm hurting right now and don't feel much like writing. But that's eactually the very time I need to write. WhY? Because it;s when we write thrugh our pain when we tend to do our best writing. write the best.  

Ask Marvin Sapp, for when his wife died, he wrote through his pain and penned one of the most prolific songs of his career.

Ask Paul, for when he was beaten, totured and eprsecued and sent to prison, he wrrote th emajorit of the new testament.

Ask David, for when he was being chased by his enemies, his son and Saul, he wrote the soothing words found in Psalms.

Ask John, for when he was exilited to the island of patmos, he wrote the book of Revelatin.

Ask corrie Ten boon, for when she was tortured and put in a concentration camps, she wrote...

Ask ?, for when she was hidden in an attice to escaep frm the germans, she wrote ...

Ask the lady who wrote amazing grace or the other humns when they lost their loved ones to tragedy

But what if marvin and the otehrs had said: "I''m not going to write. I'm hursint too much so I'm not going to pick up my pen and wirte."

oftentime, thatw what I want to do. But I'm glad these people teach me through their writing to do just the opposite, for it's wen I'm hurting, when I need to pick up my pen the most. For those are the times when I can chronicle my pain; those are the times when God can speak to me the most because I'm ost vlunerable; those are the ties when I can put my feelings down on paper and noone is critizizing me for them; those are the times when I can express my deepeste feelings and pains withoug anyone judgine me for it;

There's something about writing thrugh our pain.Something that causes us to write great works for the kindgom..Somethig that just oozes out of us as writers onto the page as we write thorugh our pain.n acmes out of us when we've been donw in the pits or experience great tragedies that allow us to put down great written works.

It may not even be perfect writing and we can clean it up when we're read to share it; but it is writing. Writing through our pain. Writing that we've chosen to put down on paper to experess the agaony we are going through in our lives; writing that will eventually help someone else work thorugh their pain.

So don't stop writing if yo're going through smething today. For that's the very time you need to be writing so someone can benefit from your pain. your story. your journey.


“I don’t want any more hit songs if I have to go throgh the pain I’ve had to go thru to get them. Marvin Sapp.



I can feel it when he sings. Can you?


I can feel his pain. For marvin Sapp, a well-known gospel artist, doesn’t just sing. He sings through his pain.


When he sings sons like “Thank God I made it,” he’s singing through his pain. When he sings songs like “My testimonty, he is sining throughhis pain.


For you see, marvin lost his wife to ovarian cancer. And for years, wondered how he’d go on withu it. And when someone asked him what he ahd elarned form the death of his wrife, he said he begain singnf the words ot this song: “so glad I made it. So glad I made it. I made it through, it made it thru…”


Now marvin stands today sinig this son at his conerets. And it ministers to so many people; not because of marvin, but because they can conncet to his paiin and now his pain is ministering to others.


So I said all that to say that whatever you are dealingwith today, don’t negate your pain. write down what you are oging through and what you ae leanirng form it, because you never know when your pain will become your ministry.


Don’t negate the lessons you are learing through your pain, for they may be designed to eventually serve as part of your ministry to others. Write through your pain. I am wrting throug mine today.

I don’t want to write when I’m in so much pain. The pain of wonderng how I’ll make ends meet. The pain of getting up and facing the fact that my bank account is overdrawn again. The pain of knowing I won’t be able to take a vacation this summer with my family. Thepain of knowing I”m falling again into a state of depression.


I’m in so much pain right now that writing is the last thing I want to do, but I know I’ve got to do just the opposite-I’ve got to write through my pain just like Marvin did. .I’ve got to sare my thoghths abot how I'm feelnig in black and white so they can be immdedail captures before I lose them and the essence of them. I've  got to write because it’s thereuputi when I' write;it help me cleanse myself of my negative thoughts; it help me purge mysel of my anger, stress and whatever else I am feeling at the moment; ; it helps serve as my catharsis to help me get out everthing I am feeling within and allows me toexhale if only for a monent; it help me express the feeling and emotions I feel deeply inside and help me express them so I feel bettee; it helps me express my feelings in a way that onl I can do as a writer; . I hurt deeply right now; I hurt deepl right now and the last thing I feel like doing is writing,  but I know it’s the best thing I can do to help relieve my pain because writing is my cathersis.

Marvin sapp wrote through his pain; Corrie Ten boon wrote thrugh er pain. The lady who wrote the book when she was in the attic with her family hiding from the germans wrote throug her pain. Paul wrote through hsi pain. And so many others I could list icold list so I can’t let m pain stop me from writing and I won’t because someone can be helped though my pain.




Are you in pain today? Then write. Write through your pain to first helpyourself, then somebody else.


Sharing my journey,







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