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He still knows best!

Posted on August 8, 2019 at 9:35 AM

He knows the road I shoudl take; He knows the path I shoud follow (Psalms 25:4, paraphrased


I received another one today. Another email saying I did not get an interview for a job I applied for. Another email saying I met the qualificiatins but they decided to hire someoone else. And I ‘ll be the firs to admit that it hurts. It hurts to keep getting turned down for jobs that I need.. It hurts that I’m not even getting an oportuity to inteiview to show them what I offer. It hurst that I am being turned down for jobs I’m not only qualified to do, but in sme cases over qualified to do; it hurts to know that maybe, just maybe I’m not getting considered because they added up the years I have worked and realized I was in my fifties or because they think I’m too “old.” No matter how strong of a Christian I think I am, getting rejected each time I submit an applicaton for a job hurts.


Just like it hurts to submit a job applicaton and get rejecrted, it will also hurts when you’re rejectef for publicatin; you’ve worked hard to ensure you have a quality manuscript, and you’ve worked hard to fnd a good publisher; yet, you still receive theat leter saying your manuscript does not fit their publicatin needs at this time; and you feel dejected and rejected.




But the good news it that the good Lord knows. He knows whether he wants me to work full-time again; he knows what he called me to do seventeen years ago when I stepped out of my career to puruse a new carerr as a christian writer; heknows my financial problems and my need to generate more income as I age and get closer to my retirment years;; he knows. And he knows which publisher he wants for your mansucript; he knows the exact timing for publicatons; he knows what you need to do to improve it.


So I’ll contnue to trust him; I”ll continue to let him know howmuch it hurts everytime I am rejected for empoyment; i’ll contiue to pray for wisdom whether this is anothe closed door because he still wants me to be home and workpart-time; and for the right road that I should take regarding meplyment; and I’ll contineu to write and put down my thoghts regaridng my journey. For in spite of the rjectins, I have t ocointine to believ ethat he still knows what is best for me.




Yet, I ahve asked God each time I have applied to open the doors he wants open regarding employment and to close the one he wants closed and for the widdome to know the difference; now that many doors have clsoed rearding the jobs I have applied for, it’s up to me to beleive that God stillknows best regarding my employment situation. He knows what I don’t know. He sees what I don’t see. And I have to continue to trust that he’ll open up the right door of emploment for me in his own time and his own way.




Whether it’s being rejected for a job or g being rejected for publication, rejection hurts in any form. So go ahead. Cry or do whatever you need to do when rejection arrives at your doorstep; then determine to keep trusting God for his plans for you as a Christian writer. For he knows the road you should take for publicationn and the path he wants you to follow, just like he does for me regarding my employment needs.I’m going to keep trusting him to open up the right door for my. Will you?




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