Equipping you to write for the Kingdom!

Are you looking for an inspirational keynote speaker for your writing conference or writing event?

Then book Jeaninne!  As a Christian author and educator, all of  Jeanine's  keynote messages are  biblically-based and designed to inspire your audience of writers to live out their calling! 


Answering  the call to write for ministry and Christian publication (see similar topic below)

Using biblical principles from the life of Moses, this message discusses four ways God confirms in your life that he may be calling you to write for Christian publication.

Building the walls of your writing ministry- This keynote discusses what  Nehemiah teaches us about how to overcome obstacles, negative people and distractions that will get in the way of living out our call to write for Christian publication. 

What the Bible teaches us about how to write for ministry  How does God define a Christian writer? Where do we get our inspiration from as Christian writers, and what does the Bible teach us about how to write effectively as Christian writers?

Honey , I'm pregnant! –  Using the story of Mary and Joseph, this keynote message will discuss when the time is right to tell your significant other that God is birthing a ministry within you as a Christian writer, and how to enlist his or her support.

Lessons from the Wilderness -Using the story of Moses and his journey with the Israelites through the wilderness, this keynote message discusses there reasons God send us into a season of preparation to get us ready for our  ministries as Christian writers, and the lessons he wants us to learn while there.

What to do when God changes your plans - Using the story of Moses and his call to lead the Israelites from Egyptian bondage,  this keynote message will discuss the challenges to expect and how to overcome them when God calls you out of one career to pursue a new career in Christian writing.

I have a dream –  Using the biblical story of Joseph and the dream God gave him to become Prince of Egypt, this keynote message will share eight lessons we can glean from Joseph's life when we sense God has placed a dream within us to write for Christian publication and how to bring it to fruition.

Paul's  charge to Christian Writers:  Using the  charge Paul gave to Timonty,  his son in theminstry, Jeaninne shares a similar charge God gives us as Christian writers

Are you running from the mission of writing?  Using the story of Jonah, Jeaninne discusses how we at times will run from our mission as Christian writers and how to return to it. she also shares her personal sturrgles with ansering her mission to write for christian pubklicaton.

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