Inspiration & Information to help you write for the Kingdom!


I have written and self-published four books and am passionate about helping  aspiring authors write for faith-based publication. Is there a pressing question you'd like answered to help you begin your journey to write for Christian publication?Then sign up for a one hour consultation!  


 Your consultation includes:

  • An intake survey to determine your needs 
  • A 60 minute coaching session by phone or online 
  • An email follow-up of recommendations for your next step

Topics we can discuss during your consultation:

  • How to write devotions
  • How to write your first sermon
  • How to write Christian poetry
  • How to start sharing your writings
  • Choosing the right place to write
  • Finding time to write in a busy life
  • Overcoming distractions during your writing time
  • How to build a platform for your first book
  • How to choose a publisher for your first book

BENEFITS  you'll receive from your consultation:

  • Expert advice from a person who has been on the journey of Christian writing and publishing for over sixteen years

  • Inspiration to encourage you to live your writing calling

  • Tools and resources to help you begin your writing journey!

  • YOUR INVESTMENT:  $125.00/hr.